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Wade Friedel

Wade Friedel

Financial Advisor

Wade has been providing financial guidance to individuals, families, and small businesses since he joined Financial Advantage in 2016. Originally headed towards a career in law, Wade decided to call an audible and switch his focus to financial planning.

In financial planning, Wade found a career that married his entrepreneurial passion with the aspect of law that he enjoyed most: helping others understand and deal with complex situations.

His past experiences have helped Wade develop a unique, education-first approach towards working with clients. He often will ask his clients to think of all the different parts that make up their financial picture and then helps them understand how they all tie together. But, that’s just half of his planning process.

The other crucial step is setting goals and making sure that we are preparing for and reacting to life’s many changes. The truth is that most people will inevitably find themselves at a financial crossroads at one point or another and the decisions that we make in these critical moments often defines our financial picture. Wade’s goal is to develop a strategy and relationship with his clients so that they don’t need to make these decisions alone.

Outside of the office, Wade likes to stay active and spend time with his family. He and his wife Annalise have two young children, Maya and Brendan and also a loving dog, Coco.